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LGBT & Trans - cost vs gain

As a community and its interest group allies, you all claim to want whats is best for the children. Offering them choices in order to mitigate risk and limite liability to personality and the development of individuals. Here is the dilemma. You can say with complete honesty that drugging a child with negative biological effect and negative psychological affect carries less harm than a short lived shock to the genitals.

The short lived shock to the genitals is contemporary conversion therapy. Using the shock as a reward and/or punishment when coupled with pornography.

Conversion therapy is not what the left would have you think when they use descriptions of the ramp camps of the 70's and 80's.

During this era parents, who felt their children were to feminine, could send them to a summer camp that claim to convert the through violent punishment regimes and rape.

But science is an ever change environment with an always evolving repeater of methods. Like anything it takes time to mature and a voice of authority and influence has the ability tp explore means and methods.

Now conversion therapy is small shock no great than a pinch. From the studies I have reviewed it has a 100% conversion rate across all demographics and psychographics.

This is why the LGBT community want you to think they are rape camps, because if given the options and ability to explore choice how many with have their sense of reality shift by way of identity conversion. Adults would be applying to children. Institutions would use it indirectly to guide development, and adult, yes adult with longstanding identities would even explore it as an option.

The LGBT community has pandered to our empathetic sensibilities and had us demand for the tolerance and accept of their choice is now not being afforded to others.

The LGBT community is restricting their own communities access to choice and means So if you can restrict access and misrepresent truth and why should we the many not do that same onto you. You reap what you sow, and you are pedalling in lies and manipulation. I am not denying your existence as a community. I am not scream for the extermination of a group.

I am merely asking the you off others the same access to choice as the many have given to you.

Symmetry is what is needed so lets make it universal.

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