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Lets move beyond the lowest common denominator

It is amazing that the standards that legally define acts of discrimination are those very acts that the black community participates in all the time.

"what it means to be black and becoming in Canada is handouts and assurances of success void of ability of competency.

Blame this on your own community and your willingness to let you beloved history, heritage, and culture be exploited for any marketing strategy. Outside of the snud remarks regarding your success. Your access to resources is due to the fact that your community is a driving ushering in hereditary control.

Pay thee militia I guess. Beyond the guess a strong suggestion would start carrying to history, heritage, and culture in the same manner you talk about it.

You want to escape enslavement. Remove your community leaders. They are the ones who own the plantation and they are the ones making personal gains off your labour.

lets move beyond the lowest common denominator. Lets hold the depth to step outside the superficial. Lets drop the descriptors, Lets share a common goal. Lets march under a single banner and let the rest land where the negotiations may take them.

We are more and we are better than these wanna be master will have us think and be.

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