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Lets call it what it really is - tribalism

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

The left calls words weapons and statements acts of violence. We keep laughing and countering the claims. All the while not taking a moment to realize that this is how they see it and naturally this is how they use it.

A great example is this concept of gang violence. Yes there is a plethora of gangs located all over. The population skyrockets when you define the label in legal terms. Which is 3 or more persons.

I just read an article attributing violence to gang enrollment. The perpetrator maybe a member of some sort of community branding. We must not blur reality and label it for what is actually is.

Formation of groups defined by intent and interest is not only a form of tribalism but is a choice of identiTy. Tribes are defined in many different ways and manners. When tribes are rooted in the superficial with characteristics which are unavoidable,

The issue is when a tribe is defined by its interest and/or intent. Such group membership has a registration and recruitment process. Meaning enrollments what is rooted in an independent decision.

It is this decision making aspect of enrollment that should be worrisome especially when including demographic details relating to its members. Most often gang members consist of minority groups. With these groups rooted in identities from nations that conform to a strong tribal identities.

Gang enrollment is merely an extension of the cultural identification and conformity. These cultures move through generations and dispersed across geographical locations. Give me a nation that does have such cultural conformity and expression even in the face of opposition.

Take the west. We are individuals with little sense of community. Our tribal expressions eroded with the cultivation of the individual. Keeping in mind that tribes will always exist in so much that we a communities are victims to the lowest common denominator that being the superficial.

Due to this superficial realty of enrollment tribes can and will emerge with immediacy if challenged or pressured into formation. This is the effects of being able to spot the difference. Humans have an incredible ability in spotting the difference. Our ability to identify in group from outgroup is believed to be for survival.

We can spot subtle nuances on a intra level so to identify inter differences is almost impossible to avoid. It makes me contemplate how does one move past the superficial? Interest and intent revealed through behavioural expression is that means. Place identification and enrollment as a choice.

Complexity, risk and liability of tribalism is heightened when attempt are made to integrate tribal people into a individualistic society. Now take many nations in the west. We are bound to a political and social philosophy known as Pluralism. As such we socially promote the other and institutionally encourage and cultivate the other.

This cultivation is a result of pluralism holding that integration into a common identity lacks the cosmopolitan ethic which holds that acceptance is a learning experience. Under these conditions how is tribal expression not to occur.

Now the expression moving beyond the superficial and becomes choice. The choice as mentioned above that a cultural tribalism will always be expressed. Add pluralism and now the pursuit of tribal dominance and superiority is put into motion. I ask in this cultural tribal competition. Do you think your tribe will make the playoffs this year?

In sum, this is not a gang member this is a tribesmen. For this reason we need to start question who we are allowing to integrate. It is only a matter of time before your existence as an individual is dominated by the community under the cultural competition cultivated through pluralism. This is a larger cultural ideological issue that must be resolved on such a level. Anything else is temporary.

I ask. If a democratic nation imports those who identify and conform to a master. How long will it take for their master to become yours? Get ready to take a knee. Your new master will soon be arriving.

This piece was inspired by this article.

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