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Lets be honest about antisemitism

This is not a Canadian problem this is an Islamic problem. Ironically this is the worst report on antisemitism in 40 years and we have imported Muslim and in particular Islamic fundamentalists. Statistical parallels cant be denied.

We here in Canada are also starting to see the Sunni Shia conflict being expressed within our boarders.

Here is the real issue. Syrian was in a civil war. This civil war was a result of Shia's not accepting a Sunni leader. These people because an election didn't go their way commence a civil war. Now we and much of the world has been importing these people into our nation.

Syria was the means to drive Muslims globally in order to exploit our democracy. If you import those who identify and conform to a master. It is only a matter of time before their master becomes yours.

I ask when our elections doesn't go as planned will we now have Islamic civil war?

I fear that Canadians can no longer equate outcomes and consequence and this is the end result.

I would like to know how importing hate and violence is our path to the 21 century. I guess you don't have to outsource labour as now you insource labourers.

This piece was inspired by this video

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