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Learning a language in a bigger investment into self than you think

The article below is a discussion of the 10 myths of learning a language later in life. I want to tell you that myths are nonsense and it is time we focus on realities. Learning a new language is a great example to highlight the point.

Myths will deter you by tapering your interest and ambition and that is a slow death for each and all. Sure skill, traits, and attributes slow and weaken with age but so many others grow and strengthen.

Language or the learning of a new language is one of those skills that never fades. So explore greater skills within your own and learn to speak with others of a different type.

It is not only the development of a skill but it also contributes to peripheral growth. Just think of the cognitive skills, traits, and attributes that are involved in learning a new language and how they are stimulated through the experience.

Always try to be a better person tomorrow and language skills and development is a great way to build yourself on so many levels.

This piece was inspired by this article

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