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Law and order is becoming a subjective notion

We are hearing about 15 minute cities. These cities are for the formation of tribal enclaves. As stated in a recent blog post, this is a structure that is needed for authoritarian control. When a community holds an oppositional stance you exploit the ignorance or greed of a neighboring community and have them express aggression and violence as a tool of conformity. This is a common practice in African nations and this is why they are plagues by civil wars.

Now it is the tribal structure established by the 15 minute city that turn an objective institution like policing and the courts and turns them into subjective realities through what is being labelled: Shared Rule, Self Rule, and Limited Rule. With each tribe claiming their own.

Under such a structure these cities would be representative of small nations and it members have an independent constitution that is anchored by a federal system. This is the partition of our nation and diversity is the borders being drawn. Tribes separated by little more than a roadway. How will this differentiate from a gang mentality.

Shared Rule, Self Rule, and limited Rule allows for the ill intended to justify their actions and to create their own system of justice and rule. This is how Muslim are having charges suspended for rape or indigenous and exploit our land. Its all in the name of cultural traditions. I say integrate or leave.

Why are willing to allow for our land to be partitioned by those that are not seeking to be part of us but break us into pieces with foreign and tribal interest being the driver. If you change the concept of justice you change the core aspect a culture and identity.

This will only end in conflict and war and so many of the domestic population is cheering this on. I ask what is justice if tribes are given Shared Rule, Self Rule, or Limited rule. What is good for one isn't good for the other?

Just look at how we are losing in this cultural competition do you we as a community would stand a chance against foreign warrior classes? This is suicide and for some reason so many want it. Diversity is not our strength but our colonization and you can see the means and methods right before your eyes. Can people no longer equate an outcome.

Why are so many willing to walk the green mile waving a white flag as if it were an invitation sign. I ask you who do you think you master will be?

If you want to know more about this notion of Shared Rule, Self Rule, and Limited Rule, join me for The Why Perspective at www.idiomradio/broadcast-content

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