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Know Who Leads Our Enemy

George Soros is the Scepter on the left and Bill Gates is the sword on the right of the King of the South, the Aga Khan. I refer to them as the Persian 4th Reich and they are pursuant of hereditary control of the religious and secular sectors.

The greatest threat that most people face today is a perspective issue. Most believe a slave is their master.

For example, most think usury banking is a slave system, yet it is non-usury finances that has the individual put themselves against the debt. Which is clear to see that the laden individual's concept of a master is in complete opposition to reality, as these masters are actually slaves.

Which brings me to my next point regarding this misperception. People say Jews run finance. You do realize that the Jews are the only Abrahamic faith that can apply usury. If you were to look throughout history you would realize that the Jews have been and still are lenders for kings bound to a faith based structure. There is actually a title for the Jewish family that acted as the lender.

Side note - I guess this is why there is an onslaught being ran against Christianity.

Next, is the fact that many think that Jews run media. Shia Islam has been funding media for over 2 decades. I guess this is why the Court Jesters are trying to influence the masses towards self sacrifice and may speak to the transition of the style of influence present in media - very self destructive.

In sum, the real problem underlining so many issues we are confronted with today is that most people see slaves as masters. Beyond the example used celebrities are a very loud example of this.

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