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Kindness Being Exploited For Weakness

He should have kept his aggression in check but how can you blame him. Frustrated with the complete lack of care or pursuit for self preservation. He, like so many, are watching the pandering of greed by paying for ignorance, walk us down a path of self destruction.

Unknown by most but we are not a multicultural society. We are a pluralistic society, As such, culture is deemed a resource and like all resources, competes for market dominance. As such, we are living in an environment where culture is to compete. The 'Old Stock' domestic population is competing but our team has been muzzled through the claim of discrimination and bound through the claim of hate.

I ask, how are we to compete culturally if any statement or behaviour is called a foul. We are competing at a major handicap here and we are apologizing and thanking those who have bound and muzzled us.

Our empathy is killing us from within as our kindness is now seen as a weakness. To think we have been funding a war against us through aid. The ill intended interventionalist has created vast wealth off the back of the weak and vulnerable. Playing into our empathetic sensibilities, we have been conditioned to a point that terrorists are now being funded through our tax basin.

We are lost and Father Rheal Forest is correct. In so much that this history of residential schools has already been addressed by both the church and the government on multiple occasion. This is nothing more than an interest group (weak and vulnerable) to act as a money funnel.

Making matters worse, is that the community is willing to resort to acts of terrorism and the public is mum. Not only are they mum but that silence is leading to empathetic reflections on the narrative. Further weakening our handicapped defensive positioning in this cultural competition. This is how it works when globalist have infiltrated us on every level from institution to government. We are now being shamed and cast out of that which our families built. To think the history books of tomorrow will have all our accomplishments recognized as the others.

Our well have been poisoned by the marriage of ignorance with arrogance driven by empathetic reasoning. We must put a stop to this today. We must be willing to stand in defence of our selves and community. Self preservation is not discrimination and anyone who is trying to make you think it is, is clearly your and my enemy.

Lets not let the blood, sweat, and tears of yesterday be done in vain. It is our responsibility now to savage the path that was laid for us. Let stop taking things for granted and demand that which is our remain that through the ages.

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