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It was a setup. It was a marketing gimmick

This whole charade of Andrew Tate, the guy soft selling Islamic culture with trash. and trashy character traits, was a gimmick a marketing gimmick.

He calls himself a top G. The G stand for gangster. What buys a gangster street credability? Prison.

He has been building this narrative for months, foreshadowing his whole strategy. Now he has the influential corporate Muppets online selling the con on loop.

I have to ask, if you don't agree with the cultural trash coming out of hip hop and black culture, why would you ever want a Muslims sell black culture tied to Muslim identity.

Just another marketing strategy getting the you and many adults, to scream slogans and march to trends. do you realize the trend stemming from his is Islam.

Andrew Tate will have you think your mind is controlled by the matrix. No it is controlled by marketers and he is one of them.

He say he stand against the elites. Funny because in reality is little more than a kick me dog of those he claims to stand against. Funded by the Persian 4th Reich in pursuit of Islamic expansion.

I have a question for Andrew Tate. Is it the King or the Princess, funding you as a media character, and by extension this marketing gimmick.

What a joke and I leave you all with this. If you think a slave is a hero, what does that make you?

This piece was inspired by this video

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