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It Took 20 Years of Testing

People are claiming that the Polio vaccine didn't have to go through the same rigor and standards set out by organizations like Health Canada and the FDA.

Organization like this require all theorapies to go through a longitudinal study of 10 years prior to certification for mass application. This is so risk is isolated and liability is managed. To those claiming the Polio Vaccine did not meet these same standards. First, were these organization in existence to set such standards in the early 1050's? Second, even if they did not exist, the Polio vaccine started monkey studies in 1935,

That you would mean, wait for it, that the Polio vaccine actually went through even longer standards of testing and validation. Nearly 20 years of such prior to large scale application. Oh what you can do to the ignorance. Especially when their ignorance is married to arrogance. Makes most people less than an obedient dog. A least a dog will fight when self preservation is put into question or challenged. 20 years for polio vaccines testing and application. Monkey test started in 1935. Your the monkey now.

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