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It is time we stop buying all that is marketed - bait and switch

How do you get socialist to take over influence of the strongest military and the last defence against socialism? This is a bait and switch scenario. Turkey is baiting NATO as Finland and Sweden are aligned with Shia Islam and by extension Turkey.

We are bring nations into NATO who have been seized on all levels by the Persian 4th Reich and if they gain access NATO will turn into a Shia Islamic military fighting in the name of hereditary control.

These are socialist nations and the Persian 4th Reich is the sellers of Democratic Socialism. Do not buy into this bait and switch for if we do we become the enemy as we will be working in the name and efforts of the enemy.

The weak are going to turn us into there sword and we are going to be the destruction of self brought on by fraudulent claims of conflict. I will be soon proving that Russia, Ukraine, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Germany are owned by the Persian 4th Reich.

So how is there a conflict amongst allies? There isn't as we are watching the demolition process of a development program. The funding is from the confidence that we will buy into the bait.

Lets not be sucker to the sales process. It will be the destruction of us and our way of being.

This piece was inspired by this article

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