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Islamic expansion as a global culture

I Canada we have now insitutionalized Sharia law with a department of islamophobia. In America they are infiltrated the highest offices in the land. In Europe is the same.

To quote an Shia Islamic leader: "The goal is to spread Islamic consciousness through institutional action".

It appears that his goal is being realized and this realization stems from what is know as the Ummah, which describes the larger Islamic community. Have you notices leaders in Islamic nations are now claim they are Islamic and not Shia or Sunni.

It is the Ummah that has bridged these differences and unified the community as a whole in pursuit of mutual goals. As stated by Islamic leaders the 3 primary goals are:

  1. continuation of hereditary authority of the cultural and secular sectors

  2. a volunteer based labour market

  3. consolidating communities in order to identify the 'best' for whatever function

These shared goals have brought the many into one, one driving force, seeking the expansion of Islamic consciousness through institutional action. So when we see a conflict in the middle east, is that a conflict at all?

Both sides of the culture and all Islamic nations are brought together under the banner of 'Organization of Islamic Cooperation'. So when we see Sunni versus Shia it is a production produced by this organization the OIC.

We watch radical groups conquer and claim nations but these radical groups are owned and operated by this organization. They are fighting themselves knowing this not to be a real conflict occurrence as it is only us in the west who are oblivious to this reality.

They laugh at us over this. As we watch them demolition building in the name of development all it takes is to get someone to scream Allah-Akbar and we think its a war.

They are on the same team its is us the west who is their opposition in this cultural competition. Another quote by an Islamic leader: "culture is a new resource". With it taking on such a categorization it is intended to compete for dominance and supremacy as all resources do.

I the west we are closing Churches and building Mosques. We are breaching our secular institutional standards by allow for Islam to be institutionalized. Does the state and the Church not stand separate? So if you rebrand you place of warship the rules need not apply.

We are losing this cultural war and the many are there screaming and cheering the trends and slogans that stand against us. We have been called racists and bigots for decades now and not a single person, educated or not, has stood to claim self preservation is not hate.

How can we reclaim our institutions influence and control. Spreading western Christian culture to ourselves through institutional action? It starts with use screaming we do not hate others but we are free to love self. Pride is not only to be held by some through branding strategy.

Pride is a natural law that has been redefined by our opposition in this cultural competition. Most people do not realize this but it is been a Shia Islamic leaders who have been fracturing using into factions and than using these factions to establish complex social change.

This has established institutional and industrial pressures allowing for seizer or at least infiltration by interest group community members. This Shia Islamic leader is the one who owns Woke culture.

Not only does he own Woke culture but his family has been responsible for the international movement of migrants and refugees as a United Nations directors. Wonder why we are going through foreign invasions. This is Islamic conquest.

Our Western leaders who cheers, institutionalize and and fund civil society is the enemy of state and countryman. They are Jihadi Lieutenants of the Persian 4th Reich that have been bought and paid for by non-repayment loans.

It has been claimed by this very leader that Western greed and ignorance is his greatest weapon. Greed of the leaders and ignorance of the people. Oh by the way people need to understand that institutionally Islam has seized Western institutional such as education. health care, media, energy, food and farming, supply chain management, and even natural resources.

We have given them it all and we wonder why our children are lost and stand in opposition to us. Islamic radicalized conditioning through the education system. We are starving because Shia Islam controls global food supplies. Energy is at war because energy is American. Sunni's own the fossil fuels and Shia owns renewable.

We own nothing and produce nothing and Chia is also a Shia Islamic investment. Weaken to a point that weapons are not need to for conquest and colonization. All it takes is an ad campaign with some catchy slogans and some proclaimed trends to follow.

I have literally been told this directly by Muslims. We do not need to fight Canada as Canadians are giving us whatever we want. They laugh while they say it. They are laughing at us. Those of yesterday who were deemed useless are now conquering us. What does that make us today?

Wake up before it is to late. I close with another quote by an Islamic leader: "women are the drivers of the Ummah". Pay very close attention to the actors, interest, and intentions. Feminist are one of those fracture factions that are funded to stand in opposition to us and pursuit Islamic consciousness through complex change that can facilitate institutional actions

This piece was inspired by this article

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