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Is this not a matter for the Chiefs?

You are a community who has demanded segregation and you got it. You govern yourselves.

Considering the fact that you as a community are segregated by your own demands and govern yourselves why do you as a community have access to our resources and assets.

Missing children is a matter for you Chiefs as is your education and healthcare and it is not for us to fund it.

The saddest part is that not only are your Chiefs failing you all as community members but they are selling you calamity to these dirt bag politicians in order to have talking points.

We may not see eye-to-eye but we can agree that you better than that. Remember the promises of these fraud politicians are empty and if realized are only felt by those who are failing and selling you all to the wolves.

We as Canada and Canadians would prefer you be one of us as you are one of us through history, heritage and experience. We are not the ones who have ill intent or interest for your community.

You are enslaved by your community leaders who are selling you all into enslavement. I just wish you would realize this.

The institution that is funding your community leaders is Trust for Culture and you are the bodies acting to drive social change. Not for self but for the Persian 4th Reich.

The Aga Khan is the founder of the organization funding your communities leaders and it is your community leaders who have put you the members up as the asset on the money.

That is right, this is Islamic lending which is non-usury. Not interest made, requires capital put up against and you are that capital.

Hope you leaders shared the wealth because now your action of that which creates the opportunities that are sought after. That being a new age colonization with a new age colonial master.

We as Canadians must understand that The Aga Khan, His Persian 4th Reich, using his interest group community mercenaries, is also the primary benefactor stakeholder for the NDP, Liberals, and PCP.

Paid for in full and selling us all into enslavement. We need to realize that we are fighting the enemy enemy. We win as the many or lose it all as fractured factions.

Making matters worse is the fact that his Global Centre for Pluralism is the one funding the fracturing of us into more and more, smaller and smaller, weaker and weaker, factions.

Take a knee, the Aga Khan, your new colonial master will soon arrive.

This piece was inspired by this article

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