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Is it pride or cultural institutionalization

Funny how these African are so proud of their homeland that they left it.

We all should be asking why are you in a foreign land raising a foreign flag? Most important is the fact that you all broke the laws surrounding a flag and should be prosecuted for it. Our flag, the Canadian flag must fly above it, if not beside it.

This has nothing to do with pride and everything to do with an attempt to institutionalize their culture in our land. Are Canadians lost or just dumb? Why are we institutionalizing a community that has expressed hostilities against us in order to weaken us as a whole.

Just think about it. Race, is often exploited by the African community in order to pressure our institutions into exhaustion by pulling our community resources in different directions..

Once resource transition is achieved they use media to present institutional exhaustion as failings to the general public. Like any good and decent public they demand for change.

In the end the change demanded for tends to systemically leverage the African community over others. Take affirmative action. Systemic discrimination that has been institutionalized from education always through to labour markets.

This is an ongoing strategy seeking complex social change and we are marching to their calls and screams. Leading us to weaken ourselves and in turn strengthening the outsider.

To think we are the ones labelled as racists but I ask, when does self preservation become hate and how did self preservation become perceived as hate by domestic populaces.

This is not a strategy here in Canada. Canada took part in the creation of this strategy that I would go as far as to call it a war strategy. Canada, along with the Persian 4th Reich created civil society, which is made up of interest group communities.

This has been branded to the general public as woke culture. These communities are used to exhaust social resources and pressure complex social change. Change that amends the basic principles of our nation and defines character and traits of existence.

The Persian 4th Reich, along with its Muppet Canada, have been using this as a colonial strategy to weaken America, amend it constitution, and strip it of freedom. When America is longer the land of the free the world can than be enslaved and we are cheering for it. Amazing.

Understand the enemy and realize the strategies at work. Our nation, identity, and freedom are on its last leg and all I see is fools screaming the slogan and marching to the trends that our colonizers are marketing to us. Wake up before it is to late.

This piece was inspired by this article

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Dallas Hills
Dallas Hills
Feb 03, 2023

So many decived that canada is a country, the pheasnts keep worshiping fake gods, fake countries, and fake flags, Even the canada flag is a slap in you face. So many are indoctrinated - They do not comprehend that they been captured b Canada Inc, or what canada really is

Do Really Know The Facts! - please share video - it may edcuate some !

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