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Is it not about choice?

Why is a choice being removed?

The LGBT communities center fugal force is one's ability to choose and to have society tolerate and even accept choice.

So how is that same group trying to take one's right choose away. Members of their own community for that matter. Is the real issue regarding conversion therapy the fact that members of the LGBT community will realize that they are not born this way.

It takes but one example to dispel the long standing notion of being born this way. How would one feel and act when they realize who they are is has been merely conditioned this way. Will accountability for the conditioning be the next step. Once again, all it takes is a single example of successful conversion.

Why do they fear and deny the truth regarding they themselves? Better yet how dare they attempt to prevent someone from being free to choose. Now only free to choose but also a tolerance and acceptance by other for their choice.

Once again, choice is what the LGBT community have been forcing onto others so lets make it a universal reality,

This piece was inspired by this article

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