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Is it merit or race? Are you woke or awake?

The article linked below is regarding a petition to induct the first black coach into the hockey hall of fame.

Is he being inducted because he is black or because he has the merit to be there?

Shame, we wont be able to tell as the article positions race over merit. Is this what the black community wants? Race seen as the driver of their success.

Making matters worse is the fact that his existence as a coach is put into question on the grounds of was he there for the game or the politics and optics, Basically little more than a marketing gimmick seeking to expand market access.

See how sad this race baiting nonsense works. It carries now consequence over the white market segments. It does disqualify blacks enrollment and minimize their achievements.

Don't let media pain you with such a brush. Stop letting the ignorance within your community act as the artists painting your communities expression. Take whiteys plight letting the fools take the reigns.

The real issue is that there is an organization that is funding such artists expressions of ignorance and that organization is the Global Centre for Pluralism.

They are fracturing us into factions based on demographics and now even psychographics. They are pinning us up against each other and exploiting the social idiots amongst us.

These social idiots exist in all factions are it the pandering to greed by paying for ignorance that is ushering in complex social change. Interest groups synergistically working together towards common goals bound under the banner of civil society and identified publicly as woke culture.

Lets not let anyone void of difference be used as cheap tools establishing opportunities of outsiders and exposing the utility to realize their achieve their aims.

You are probably asking how can we achieve this. It is as simple as taking ownership of your merit and accomplishments and expressing your identity as a hockey coach and not a black community member involved in hockey.

I leave you with this question. Should the hockey hall of fame create a new category for black members with no merit? Or, just include them for their achievements.

The greatest hurdle for any and all interest group communities is the fact that such narrators reduce them to nothing outside of a demographic and we are so much more than that no matter what demographic you may be part of.

This piece was inspired by by this article

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