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Is it a Hate Crime or is it a Crime to Drive Hate?

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Who drives into an innocent family walking down the street?

Given that this is a very uncommon approach to attacking someone from the perspective of our culture conditioning, I unfortunately have to put into question the nature of such an attack.

In Western culture this type of an attack would be considered an act of cowardice. As such the penalties and consequences from the public would be rough and everlasting. At least until empathy showed its face to be manipulated by sympathy.

So this would not be a customary act for any and all aggregate groups in the west. Where this is a common approach to attack is in Islam. We have seen this before both locally and abroad.

I fear that this is not an attack rooted in hate but rather an attack stimulating hate. Interest groups working in unison, apply social, institutional, and political pressure in order to transition into a system of hereditary control of the religious and secular sectors.

The indigenous (interest group), are claim the need for decolonization. Their efforts are in vain as their greed is being pandered to by paying for their ignorance. They are not decolonizing they are being recolonized by another.

This is nothing more than interest groups working together towards that common pursuit and 'whitey' is the tribal characteristic that is institutionalizing the collective behaviour amongst tribes. These tribe include anything that isn't white and even some of 'Whitey' have chosen the align with the enemy as a companion. - there root identifier is no longer European, Christian heritage. If you see Nazi identifiers they too are 'whitey's' enemy as they are part of the companions of interest groups pursuant of hereditary control (socialism).

By 'whitey' I am referring to those who stand and fight for freedom choice, expression, and pursuit. If we are not free we are slaves to a master that those who seek a master are 'whitey's' enemy.

We are at war and our enemy will stop at nothing to stimulate tribal warfare. Our waring will render us enslaved; not one but all. We need to rid ourselves of the ignorance and greed that has lead us here with consent. If we fail to do and stand for conviction and identity we are destined to lose everything.

Just keep in mind, you're not a slave, you're a volunteer.

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