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Institutionalizing Islam

Ladies get your burqa's ready. While people were screaming slogan and marching to the Pied Pipers trend our nation has been being colonized by Shia Islam or the Persian 4th Reich.

Our leaders seek hereditary control of the cultural and industrial sectors. With a labour market rooted in volunteerism. Don't worry though the advertising will frame your perspective so you will not see yourself as a slave but rather a volunteer.

How long will it take for Canadians to wake up. We are not waiting for a war to start we are in a war and culture is the weapon. Woke culture, civil society, either way it is interest groups who are taking non-repayment loans and turn their members into a militia.

Militias of the Persian 4th Reich.

To the Canadians and westerners at large who thing this is a consipracy and I don't know what I am talking about. I will tell you this and I have the documents to prove it.

The Persian 4th Reich has taken over our education, healthcare, and is now taking our policing and military - first and last line of defence and he already own the children's minds.

The control our food through supply management, our forestry and natural resources like oil. While at the same time owning all our renewable energy. They own our hydro electric and many others around the world. Is that not a conflict of interest.

We are not fighting to defend Canada and those screaming that don't have a clue. We are fighting to recover it. We do not own a single institution or resource this land possess or holds.

What makes me angry is that fact that we are not being colonized because we hold some great value. We have been colonized or conquered by the Persian 4th Reich simply as a geopolitical positioning to conquer America. We are nothing more than a stepping stone. How sad.

So get ready because is history tells us anything this is going to get much worse and probably violent before we either take our nation, identity, history and heritage back or lose it forever.

Just look at online media and the cultural soft selling Islam is conducting. We are now facing a major handicap and I don't know if we as a community can conquer our own ignorance let alone a culture seeking expansion, dominance, and supremacy.

I leave you with 4 quote from the leaders of the Shia based Persian 4th Reich

"Spreading consciousness through institutional action" (Aga Khan)

"western ignorance and greed is our greatest weapon" (Aga Khan)

The most important quote

"women are the drivers of the Ummah" (Aga Khan)

To all Canadians here is a point of insight

Aga Khan's Shia Muslims the Ismailia's make up the largest active voting block in Canada

"39 countries in the United Nations are seeking to amend their constitutions and all 39 are Muslim majority".

This is a cultural war and you fools are cheering for the enemy.

This piece was inspired by this article

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