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Institutional Systemic Discrimination in Our Military

The Canadian military is steeped in systemic racism. They have treated one group of Canadians as different and this difference can be seen as an expression of institutional value for that given community.

The group that I am referring to is old stock Canadians. Did you know that the indigenous communities are not part of the draft. One must assume that indigenous lives carry more value and interest over all other Canadians.

Each and every Canadians can be drafted into the military accept indigenous. Keeping in mind when our youth are shipped off to war they are seen as not returning home; dead on departure. So if a group can avoid such labels and reality, does the Canadian government and by extension institutions such as the military place a higher value of these individuals? How such discrimination can by put forth with such blatant disregard of an equal value on human life? How dare Canadian government(s) and institutions place difference on a hierarchical scale? All without a breath of concern by the public. If one group can be seen as a means to an ends and be shipped to their deaths in combat, all groups can. We are no different. If there is any relevant tangible difference amongst men would that not make those who are different our enemy? Which leads me to ask. Is the that why the indigenous enjoy the privilege of escaping the military draft?

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