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Instead of describing the problem, reveal the root cause

My biggest beef with both mainstream media and digital media is that they both describe the problems, some with more details than others, instead of getting to the root causes of the problem.

We should all be wherry about such presentation of information and insights. Details, most times irrelevant, are being used to get the many lost in the details.

Stuck in a labyrinth on nonsense, lost in endless deductions. As stated by the master of Steven Guilbeault and all other leaders in this nation: "if one fails to understand events in their principle form, your ability to anticipate outcomes is seriously hindered.

This is what both mainstream media and digital media talking heads are in pursuit of; hindering the masses ability to anticipate outcomes. Those in control of these Muppets know exactly what is going on and who is behind it.

It is as easy as stating that the Persian 4th Reich is the one funding interest groups and efforts. Environmentalist are one of those interest groups and the Aga Khan is the one at the helm of them all.

He is the largest stakeholder in renewable energy while controlling our oil through natural resource management. Interesting conflict of interest. Might this be the answer as to why the Liberals want to nationalize oil and its pipeline. Giving greater control to the Persian 4th Reich.

They refuse to inform the people as of the who and what as the people will bring with them change, change that erodes their pursuits.

Join me at for answers that focus on principle meanings and not descriptions. Lets conquer this labyrinth together.

This peice was inspired by this article

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