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Infiltrators in the highest offices in our land

They are pursuant of hereditary control of the religious and secular sectors. The have harness the disruptive pressure of interest group communities, as tools driving complex social change.

This change is incrementally change and replacing us. Take Ukraine as an example. How did a nation within 1 generation transition from Soviets to Europeans? Now ask yourself is change is need and we are the leaders who is change? That would be us.

If we don't wake up it will be too late. I our nation still exist it, like India, will be partitioned into smaller and smaller pieces. With each creation of a piece is the weakening of us as a whole.

The means by which we are becoming more fracture into factions join me for The Why Perspective as the details elude this discussion.

So when you hear civil society or interest group pandering, that is the enemy advancing in there war efforts through cultural competition.

I want everyone to know that self preservation is not discrimination.

As for the black service men. They do not deserve an apology. They do deserve a thank you and I am proud to be the one to offer it.

Thank you for your service. You as soldiers must want to be sick see your blood, sweat,, tears, and for some their life all in vain as our nation through these infiltrators are giving our land and all it represent to the very same people you fought against.

So I will apologize for our leaders spitting on your efforts, interest, and intent that placed in all in that battle void of race. I would also like to apologize for the marriage of ignorance with arrogance driven by empathetic reason of so many Canadians.

It is this personality trait that is a insult to you and a cost to all generations to come. They are right now destroying any prospect of upward mobility for you and I to ensure their thrown above us. If that doesn't scream incompetence of the next generation or at least the perceived incompetence by their predecessors. Well done, good job. It is time to wake up now.

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