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Indigenous are so much more than a title or a slogan

The title may frame this with indigenous as a focus but I am speaking of all person and people out there.

What bothers me is to claim that a group 'knows' is to assume that others think them to be uninformed. How strong does the marriage of ignorance with arrogance driven by empathetic reasoning have to be for this author to hold such assumptions.

Beauty can come from ugly. Intelligence can be found in the uneducated. business sense can be express in the financially inept, conversation can find discourse amongst opposites. Passion can be seen in the apathetic. Loyalty can be confessed by the unbound.

What I am saying here is that anything can be found in even in the most unlikely of places. Never let anyone tell you that you cannot become or achieve even if you have adversities in your path,.

It is adversity that reveals tomorrow stories and tales of becoming. I would say you want a few prior to realization of self. I think the issue with many communities is that their people are never encouraged to reach for the stars and take risks. Not because they do not have what it takes but rather there is a personal gain in them not doing so.

The harsh reality is that these personal gains are had by the leaders of your own communities. Peddling ill intention as aid and betterment. Honestly, there role as your communities leader often stems from those personal gains made from and off the backs of their own community member.

I want everyone out there to realize that they are their own individual person. Community is a part of you but it is not you. Do not be mistaken by what I am saying. When it comes to history, heritage, and culture, we should all cherish it and fly it like a flag for all to see. Celebrate it at every and all opportunities.

Carry your history, heritage, and culture, with pride. Be thankful for its accomplishments and learn from its failings. Tomorrow will soon be upon us with a feverish pace so it is important not to let is slip by.

Something that many may not agree with me on is the sharing of culture through the commodification of its totems. Lets others experience your existence from your perspective. With profits sustaining and developing the community at large.

We live in a time where culture has been deemed a resource and as such all resources are to compete for marketplace dominance and supremacy. So what team do you play for? What team do you support? What team will you cheer on its victory? Better yet, I ask, do you think your culture is on a path to make it to this seasons finals?

The subjective always lies beneath the objective. Let is be you niche, you characteristics of desire. Be you and know that you, each and everyone of you, have a brilliant thought, a clever opportunity, a skill that would contribute to the better of another.

Explore and harness you for your fullest potential. I believe in you, Now it is for you to believe in yourself.

Carpe Diem!

This is a link to an article that inspired this piece. The I personally found the title to be offensive. To claim that indigenous have the knowledge. As if people were assuming they did not. I hope people see the perspective of the author as be not for but against the community. I am can be harsh on some of the behavioural expression of the indigenous community but I have no hate or hostility for its people. It is the leaders I have a distain for. I think I made that clear,

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