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Immigration is the means to interfere

Does anyone else find it interesting how mainstream media and alternative media seem to move in lockstep relating to narrative presentation. LMAO we need a show called - how to spot a fraud.

Crisis? This is the cost of immigration and Canadians love it.

Canadians are the one who demands we keep bring foreigners in.

CISIS, is doing nothing more than position the narrative for the chorus frauds the many listen to.

This is right, your hero's and saviours are sales reps selling you a Pied Pipers tune. This is how we ended up here - blind acceptance and trust.

The Canadian mantra: I want it now and I don't care who and how it costs.

Wake up as you nation has already been conquered. We are not fight to defend Canada, we are fighting to reclaim it.

This piece was inspired by this article.

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