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If we focus of yesterday we are bound to miss today

One day while sitting at the dinning room table my uncle told us a story about my great grandfather's experience in war. It started with my Great grandfather being awarded an Iron Cross.

To my amazement, I ask, did he fight for Germany. My uncle retorted with no. He and a Nazi was in the battlefield but a few feet apart. They both drew their rifles and fired. Both my great grandfather and the Nazi soldiers gun jammed. My great grandfather without hesitation plunged his bayonet into the chest of the Nazi soldier.

He was rewarded the Iron Cross when he ripped it from the cold dead chest of that Nazi. My great grandfather, like so many others, went beyond blood, sweat and tears, but offered their lived to ensure the path we are trampling on today with disregard and disrespect.

This is not a unique story as many service men and women have similar stories to share. Like my great grandfather they too have willingly offered their lives for the paths of tomorrow.

Service men and women of yesterday fought for the decentralization, market access and social, freedom in all forms and fashions but most important is that they fought for the upward mobility for generations to come.

I fear, unbeknownst to the modern warrior, they are fighting for the opposite path. Over the past 4 decades there has been a strong centralization of resource and power. Creating a vacuum of access leading to exclusion, with the erosion of our freedoms.

They are marching us into a world where upward mobility not only does not exist but it will be illegal to even imagine it. This is now what service men and women of yesterday put it all on the line for and I bet, better yet I know, that is not what the modern warriors have not enlisted for.

I don't blame the hero's of our time for their lack of insight. To do so is like being mad a water for being wet. It is just nonsensical. Because most of us have bought into the bait and switch that has been at play following the second world war. That bait and switch has positioned ill interest and intent as good intention.

Who doesn't want a better life for all persons. Who wants to see someone with limited or even no access. Who wants the ugliness of attrition and hardship. We all want a safe and peaceful life which is not only sustainable but also maybe developed. At least that is what most of us want.

There is a group that wants not only all the resources but the authority over them bound to bloodlines. Keeping in mind that you are one of those resources. Beyond this group is a group of people foolish enough to want to give it to them. Lead by greed and ignorance they work off empty promises and false hope.

This group of fools is branded as civil society. Marching to a Pied Pipers tune of self destruction. Its leaders know well enough that it is the Reich. Driven to scrub the world of freedom pushing towards enslavement. I ask when such centralized control is realized, on average, how many of its own people is killed off? So how many are sacrificed to get there?

This is the lessons and how holocaust should be commemorated. With the learning experience of what a Nazi is in a principle form and the methods used by such character to sway the people into their own self destruction.

Marry that with narratives of the hero's and victories. Beyond the hero's and victories is the stories of brotherhood bonds amongst strangers. Finish it off the the beauty and splendor of returning home to world that you the warriors created with their willingness to sacrifice all. Sacrifice not for the one but for the many.

Lets make real life hero's, hero's once again. Let civil society wallow in defeat and identify as victims. We are better than that. That should be the slogan.

This piece was inspired by this article

What is the best way to commemorate the Holocaust - opinion (

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