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We need to start learning from mistakes

I think it is funny that people scream privacy and than signup to a network that wants your phone number. Now lets play the empathy game but lets consider the perspectives of people who run the world.

People claim they have a problem. In this case privacy. A 3rd party resolution is offered to solve the problem. Here in telegram and it solves your issues by claiming securities. Everyone runs and cheers and the first thing action they put for creates even greater risk and liability but they claim securities.

Now a social network, a company of coders, has your personal contact information. Let me ask, what do you store on your phone. Your gave it all to them. You just destroyed any form of anonymity or confidentiality that you may have. You the one claim privacy issues, on you own will, gave up all forms of it.

Once again we are the leaders of the world standing on a balcony looking down on these people.

What are you thoughts? This piece was inspired by this photo posted on Facebook by John Apple.

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