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If election meddling is your main question, you really do not understand what is going on

This is not a question of meddling. This is an immigration issue.

The Chinese are the second largest active voting block in Canada. They don't have to interfere or meddle. They own the vote.

In a democracy demographics are king. For that reason we have already lost our land as we are the 5th or 6th active voting block.

Stop letting the enemy frame your perception, guide your responses, and stimulate your expressions. If you allow for the interventionist to do so, you will forever be screaming their slogan and marching to their trends.

If you really want to solve our issues at the ballot we must homogenize and we cannot do that is a society that is fractured into a million factions,

Void of demographic and psychographic divers groups have always been ability to unify under mutually shared goals and whoever is able to realize such a goal within the be is the holder of the banner under which consolidation than can commence.

This piece was inspired by this article

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