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I thought thirst was everything and image was nothing.

As a child Sprite informed and reassured myself and so many others that thirst was everything and image was nothing, Could that notion of reality be incorrect?

They don't need a fake alien invasion.

The marketers have already tapped the hearts, minds, and souls of the people. The ownership maybe in a contradictory manner from the standpoint of expression but conditioned to a point of ownership non-the-less.

The Pied Piper already has the general population marching and screaming freedom while they make the changes to enslave us.

Take Canada for example, while people are reliving a convoy our government is institutionalizing Islam?

Oh the irony because if you call anyone out for this they get aggressive responsive and defensive expressions. Image is now outweighing thirst, oh no.

Based on the common response, I have to ask, what is more important thirst or image?

Peoples perceptions are framework, responses are guided, and expression in wait of stimulation and it appear to be proving that image is now everything.

Could sprite have mislead myself and others as a child?

This piece was inspired by a post on Facebook by Malsi Cinatas

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