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I have an unsettling feeling about this

Disclaimer: I stand with our military and all service men and women. I have great concerns as a Canadian I we as Canadians need to be aware of risk and liability even if it is 1% probability. So that we are informed and can consider all options.

The Canadian military is being overhauled and replace. Replacing a Canadians military for a foreign entities means of defence. Our line of defence has been seized by the enemy. Claims of racism, and sexual misconduct has facilitated civil society to take control of it. Now they are replacing it authoritative members.

My fear is that these 4 cadets are family or friends of the members who are not will to kneel to civil society. If my assumptions are correct, how far are you willing to go?

If I am proven right, which I hope I am not, I have to ask Canadians. How far are you willing to go to reclaim your nation, history, heritage, and culture. We are not being replaced as the transitioning of our military, our only line of defence, signals that we have already been replaced.

This piece was inspired by this article

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