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I can't believe this has to be put into question

It is a distorted reality when we are pushed into questioning the interest and intent of a persons expression. We are in a predicament now where we have to ask - did the event actually take place?

If this is an organic and not an engineered expression, I would like to know what is going on? What I find most interesting regarding such an expression, to think that bodies of authority are knowingly pushing the people to a point of no return.

I know this may seem out of place but hear me out. A few years ago I read a book called Stalin. In the text Lennon and Stalin were being pushed back and losing in their attempts to use violence to overthrown their nation. While in a trench surrounded by their died comrades. Lennon, while take the coat from a dead mercenary said to Stalin: "A conflict with power cannot be achieved by way guns and bullets. It is through social action and political enrollment that our fight can be won".

Void of their political slant the same principle applies with our fight against the our tyranical leaders. Acts of violence are only met with violent consequence. What value of function might you carry is dead or locked up. It is only through social action and political enrollment can we as Canadians reclaim our nation.

What is need for the special sauce is 3 ingredients

  1. Unification

- freedom convey was that starting process

2. Consolidation

- Find the most fit to lead community role and function

- This is where the convoy failed. Once the leaders was established, why were they not isolated by the community members. When leaders are under pressure or exposure it is hard to position offensively or defensively. Who leads the calls to actions?

3. Mobilization

- this is the call to action

- When leaders are under pressure or exposure it is hard to position offensively or defensively.

- Who leads the calls to actions?

To those who's perspective framework is like this individual in the article. I ask you to step back and consider for but a moment how your expressions can be applied in a more productive manner.

If you cannot find answer I ask you to come and talk to me on our website, You can DM me or we can have a larger forum discussion that may help others. Please don't make the choice to act in the same manner as he did.

Lets conquer today in pursuit of tomorrow and ensure that tomorrow is realized in its fullest form. Lets talk.

This piece was inspired by this article

B.C. man set out for Ottawa to assassinate Trudeau after killing his mother, court hears (

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