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I ask people to consider this for a moment.

This is my response to someone talking about Jesus and how is is bad voodoo.

The story I am talking about is of a man who was tortured and killed for something much bigger than he himself. He was very influential during and after his time, like a Babe Roth or Micheal Jackson.

Consider to be a king by the many yesterday, and today. He unlike any leader stopped the bloodline claim to control. Is this really this hard?

I dont care what a king wrote to exploit his name in pursuit of personal interest. I am talking about the man who hung from the cross.

Who fears a man that was brutalized in the name of others. You impose so much complexity and 3rd party claim to discredit this man? When it is so simple, he as a leader represent the end of bloodline control and without him you would be taking a knee to a master.

This isn't about a God this is about a human that was capable of changing the perceptions, responses, and expressions of and within reality. This transferring the power to the people and the will to be and pursue. A notion that is taken for granted today.

Do you not see totalitarians are the ones against Jesus and Christianity. Because it is he who is the antithesis to their structure and the vain of their existence. Moses freed the slaves, Jesus destroyed hereditary, and America is the land of the free.

Why do you think they hate all 3 of them today?

Here is another response which I think adds well to my point

It is an expression. (Relating to the Voodoo comments from above.)

What is their to fear of a man who was tortured and crucified for something bigger than himself? I cant find anything to fear outside the power of a master to torture someone to death.

I am asking for you to step outside of the stories and tales and to consider a man, a man that offered the greatest sacrifice in order to inspire people. He wasn't a man of anger of violence. He wasn't a man who ask for blind faith.

He was a man that wanted people to realize that they should never bend a knee to anyone and for any reason. You are a king and those around you are kings and queens also. You offer mutual respect not unbridled obedience.

The master exploitation is the detriment and is it the master who need blind faith and obedience. It is a master who is you authority and dictates your perceptions, responses, and expressions or there is great consequence and Jesus is the story of that.

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