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How to stop bullying

The article linked below is comical to say the least. The so called expert does not conceptualize what bullying is and better yet the story turns out to be an advertisement for an organization.

Another great example of ill intent masquerading as good will. I guess that is why the expert never conceptualizes bullying because if you could define it and remove it the experts career would not exist.

Problems never get resolved because peoples careers are dependent on the issue existing. They never define it so that you never know exactly what the problem is characteristically.

So lets start there, with some characterization. First is the fact that bullying is very gender specific.

When you think of a bully you see the stereotypical school bully. An oversized male who exerts his strength over others in the form of physical and verbal abuse.

Than there is female bullying. Often not seen as bullying as its characteristics get lost or blurred by gender concepts. Female bully is the act of rumor milling and gossiping.

The main difference in consequence is that males bullying is regulated by law. Male bullying carries with it a criminal consequence, where as a female bullying is met with a civil suite.

If you verbally attack someone is it assault and if you physically attack someone it is assault and battery. Both met with jail time and a criminal record. Such consequences lend themselves well to behaviour regulation as the cost, often times, is seen as outweighing the gains.

The closest thing to a legal consequence of female bullying is a defamation civil suit, which in most cases is impossible to prove as cost of the act must be validated. In this case the cost of the chance of cost is much less than prospective gains; #metoo anyone.

If bully is a real issue, and it is we need to address the real problem at hand. That being female oriented bully. The only way to achieve such behaviour regulation is if the consequence is universal, immediate and it must out way the benefits of the act itself.

I am not here to define what balance is but I propose a discussion on what cost out ways the gains associated with rumour milling and gossiping. From the standpoint of the victims, the cost is life change effect and affect. How many innocent men's lives have been turn inside out of ruined by such bully attacks?

If we are to stop the bullying lets do it but lets be honest about it. Exploiting the empathetic economy in order to create revenue streams is nothing more than ill intent masquerading as good will. Those who put forth such efforts are far worse than any bully could be.

So lets have resolution start with the removal of the cons and frauds. I think we will all be surprised by how much of the problem is resolved when we remove those who's careers are dependent on such problems existing.

The real issue is this empathetic economy and the inflated welfare benefits gained through not-for-profits under the guise of operation costs.

This piece was inspired by this video

What one expert says it will take to end bullying | Watch (

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