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How to rebrand culturally

When your cultural actors have called for the death of others. When they have attacked innocent civilians. When they have killed and maimed those who have attempted to answer their artificial cries wanting betterment.

When your acts to instill fear, chaos and displacement fail, what is the cultural to do? rebrand!

How might a culture go through such a complex transition you might ask. It is as easy as selecting a boogieman out of the group and targeting them. The targeted acts are an optic game making you think that the target repositions them as a culture in opposition.

This is what is seen by the fool. For those with insight know better than to buy this cheap and manipulative marketing strategy. A great example of such an application is with the Iranians targeting Islamic republic. Little more than a joke.

What is most interesting and revealing about this internal targeting is the fact that it is always on camera for others to see. When asked about it those doing the targeting always generalize the act beyond themselves to include the larger community.

Before I move on I want to offer the reader a deeper understanding of Islam it pursuits and in particular the Iranian form of Islam, Shia Islam and why it posses to us in a democratic system.

First, Islam at large and its larger pursuit. Right now Islam as a whole is pursuant of an expansion project. Many leaders in the west have signed into this expansion on the bases of Islam being a culture of obedience.

Furthermore is the pursuit of the continuation of hereditary authority of the cultural (religious) and secular (industry) sectors. Once again western leaders have signed in, in the pursuit of the want to be an imaginary king. If this is achieved the labour markets will become voluntary based.

There are many international organizations that are seeking to instill Islamic consciousness through institutional action. but there is one with Islamic expansion as its core principle, that being the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). This organization has not only acted as an international think tank and investor by it have bridge the dichotomy of Islam unifying Shia and Sunni.

The unification of Islam is known as the Ummah and ironically it is Islamic leaders who have preached that it is women who are the drivers of the Ummah, which is the overarching community of Islam at large. That would mean that they bind Muslims and radical together as one, all working towards that common goal.

I ask you this. If leaders are willing to kill millions of their own when control has been achieved. How many can be sacrificed for the obtainment of control? So when you hear about Islamic conflicts know that this is engineered displacement and repositioning of its members.

Lets use the Syrian conflict to help make my point. Syria had an election and a leader who is on one side of the islamic aisle was elected. Now a small group of Syrians than lash out with violence in response to their disapproval of the results. The government than is forced to respond to violence with violence.

In the end, these violent actors are relocated across democracies in the west. Importing those who conform and identify with a master and are pursuant of cultural expansion. What do you think is the risk and liability to a democracy?

Here is an interesting fact, Universal Basic Income (UBI) was created by a Shia Islamic leader and the acceptance of it is the masses signing into this social contract of hereditary control. A quiet conquest against domestic populations that have been fighting and institutional war of attrition against them,. Make them hungry and than offer a slice of bread is the new war strategy.

Iran is a Shia state and as such has a population that identifies and conforms with a master. What do you think would happen to a democratic nation if you import those who conform and identify with a master? It is only a matter of time before their master becomes yours.

Cultural expansion is the centre fugal force driving this rebranding strategy. Pandering to our empathetic sensibility allowing for the enemy to continue its infiltration strategy of the expansion of Islamic consciousness through institutional action.

I guess if you can convince people to put an experimental drug in their body you can also rebrand the villain as a victim, and all it takes is some low end production value and a camera. The issues is not them as a people. The issue and what should position these people with question and concern is their willing to conform and identify with hereditary control.

Hereditary control is freedoms nemesis. Who do you think controls woke culture? It is interest groups under the banner of civil society Who do you think is attempting to transition our financial industry from user to non-usury? Who do you think is redefining democracy? Who do you think is seeking all this complex social change? Islam and its pursuit of expansion.

The continuation of hereditary control of the cultural and industrial sectors is all that was need to gedt a delusion bunch of elites that most have earned nothing to buy in; ensuring the idiots of the next generation do not destroy the legacy that the last generation build. The want to be kings with nothing but daddy's bank account to sit on.

Head this warning as the Islamic expansion agenda is almost upon us to take a knee in readiness as your new master will soon be arriving. Or we can understand, in a principle form, the reality we are confronted with and stand in the face of it and fight.

We must start this fight on the same playing field as Islam, that being institutional action. How might we do that you ask? We pressure through action the institutionalization of the statement: 'self preservation is not discrimination' and we compete for our culture until we bleed. .

This piece was inspired by this article

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