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How to get the public to cheer for human trafficking

We are lab rats on every possible level. We are presently living through an incredible amount of perceptual and behavioural testing, evaluating influence, threshold, and response. All these test taking place simultaneously so that its occurrence(s) go unnoticed by most of the public.

The article bellow is a great example of the incremental steps taken to frame ones perceptions, challenged one‘s threshold with circumstance, and regulate response with notions redefining the occurrence. Everything this women is doing is illegal and media is celebrating it.

Illustrating the incremental step necessary for public tolerance and acceptance of event or occurrence. How would you get the public to cheer when the ill intended puts forth actions required for fulfillment of pursuit? I want to be clear good intent of today can and will be exploited by the ill intended tomorrow. Our perceptions and responses is what reveals utility.

It appears the conflict is being used to neutralize our responses through guided interpretation. Life or death situation is how our threshold is being challenged and salvation is how the event or occurrence is being redefined. I ask how does this differentiate from human trafficking?

To think this women directly or indirectly purchased a human, if the child was not purchased would that not make you a 'Coyote'? If you are a human smuggler I ask were you paid by family or agency? If it was agency, what agency have you been receiving funds from? This is important in order to identify not only who the players are but who is to stand in-front of the courts.

Such methods would stand in opposition to immigration laws we have on the books? Such a means of bringing in the outside is an illegal act that lends itself to the exploitation of our immigration laws and by extension our democracy? This has to be bigger than a single women and a single child. Who is the 3rd party interventionist and what is the Interest, Intent, where is the utility. and why such perceptual framing.

An example of such attempts and efforts being illegal is in marriage being used to exploit immigration laws. How is the local who marries any different from a Coyote and how does the concept of marriage differentiate in application for the notion of salvation. The end-state is gained access and citizenship into a nation?

Going beyond access and enrollment, when you substitute the label marriage with salvation, all restrictions bound to the legal notion of marriage vanish leaving even great utility for the ill intended. A major category variation is within demographics such as age. See where question can lead and what utility it can expose and for whom.

Whatever the nature and whoever is funding the narrative of this act illegal and possibly immoral act is being presented in a manner that panders to our empathetic sensibilities instead of our critical faculties. This is illustrated trough there being no response by the public. Not even a question of doubt. Nothing but cheers for the salvation of a victim of conflict when other prospective occurrences might and could be a play.

Lets say I am incorrect and this is a good Samaritan trying to save those in need is it not our responsibility for all parties involved for those aware of this occurrence and other like it to question interest and intent. Doing so not to cast doubt but as a tool to minimize risk and liability. We cannot deny the ill intended do not exist, we only need to look as far as Ghislaine Maxwell. There is evil in the world and it is opportunity that it seeks.

I want to be clear, once again this women's efforts might be good and honest but it is the the precedence that can be exploited by those who exploit systems of securities and operations are given the opportunity by way of good will. For this reason we need to see beyond the act.

We need to wake up and start asking what potential utility exist within a give event and occurrence. Compassion is a wonderful trait but blind empathy is a disservice to self and other. To think, you can buy a child so long as it is labelled salvation and the child is pulled from a conflict or at least what is presented as one.

How ridiculous and irresponsible we are to not see this not for what it is but what what it could be. Such prospect we must stop where they start. Just take a moment and consider that a demolition of a community in the name of development can be presented and seen as a conflict. If you put the images of two such events side-by-side no one would be able to spot the difference outside of equipment used.

This is a bait and switch and as stated in the beginning of this piece, this bait and and switch is being testing on every level of existence. Are you going to allow this to continue or are you ready to stand in defence of the weak, vulnerable and exploited. Let your empathy by true and you compassion be honest. It is time we take on The Why Perspective

Our future depends on our responsibility taken today. Not for one but for all. If we fail things that start with good intent become accessed and exploited by the ill intended. It starts like this and ends up being perverted by those who should have never been allowed in. Lets make such this be the case.

This piece was inspired by this article

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