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How to destroy the strongest nation and military in the world

The ongoing question regarding the enrollment of Sweden and Finland into NATO should be heavily scrutinized by us the people as it is us the people who will pay for it.

I have to ask, has anyone looked at who the 30 member states are within the NATO international security group? I ask how many of these nations speak of and stand in defence of democracy and freedoms? I have to ask if 29 of 30 nations are in opposition to the freedom's of the people what function does the organization serve?

So at the multilateral round table of NATO, most member states would use such military power and might against the peoples freedoms. Such an organization would be used to maintenance and expansion democratic socialism. Is this not what democracies like America are fighting against.

So why would anyone see the enrollment of nations that conform and identify as the enemy - democratic socialists. Would this not leverage the voice of influence within NATO acting in the interest that align more with the end-state of the German 3rd Reich or Russia's utopian dream for that matter. Leading NATO to be pursuant of which it was created to defeat or was it.

Could this international organization be a long play war strategy seeking such enrollment, influence, and action. If my assumptions are right the war in Ukraine is merely a means to an ends. A strategy leveraging its allies access to the organization influencing and guiding its interest and intend in opposition to its claims to stand in the maintenance and expansion of the peoples freedoms.

Isn't Russia and Ukraine socialist democracies in the here and now and this is what we are up against? So this conflict is staging intended to manipulate the public by way of engineered optics. Having us demand for our own conquest. Oh the irony, if the engineered conflict does gain access to the international organizations such as NATO.

The displacement and relocating alone, will allow for its members to act like a Trojan horse exploiting our democracy through demographic and psychographic replacement. Am I mistaken to think demographics are King in a democracy now add psychographics of identification and conforming to a master.

I close with a thought provoking question. If communist kill millions of their own people after they gain power. How many people are sacrificed in order to gain the power? Those who conform and identify with a master are pursuant of their master becoming yours.

Get ready as our ignorance and greed will have us on one knee very soon in response to our new master. The NWO, ushered in through engineered scenarios, realized through the institutional pressure and exhaustion by civil society, and concluding with a Pied Pipers tune leading us to demand the end of us.

This piece was inspired by this article

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