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How the woke got the better of us and turned it into a con

Linked below is an article that claims MP Greg Ferguson is in breech of conflict of interest, There is no mention what the conflict of interest is regarding but a long winded run on about offered training and educational seminars.

This is the bait and switch con job of the left and media is the sales rep framing the perfections of the people.

First and foremost, the need for training and education to do the job you presently have, is a validation of incompetency and all such characters should be stripped of their roles and responsibilities with immediacy.

Next and this is where the con lives. Mr. Fergus, I have to ask, what is your stake in these training services. Better yet, which liberals are stakeholders in the companies that offer these services?

This is the leftist com. They use either interest groups (woke culture) to pressure and stain institution and industry. The expected response is these educational or training course.

They are blackmailing our industries and institutions and they have been doing it for so long that now all member are stakeholders in the process using this as a form of complex embezzlement.

The tactic now strategy has been realized for its ability to not only funnel funds through blackmail leading to embezzlement, but its utility is now in infilstructure, institutional, and industrial seizure.

Using interest groups (woke members) or even insider, at this point, to set the stage for resource strain. Than they take the strain and exhaustion to the masses and general pubic via media.

Like any good minded public they see issues and want change. This is their home and their investment. They in turn demand for the authority to apply the demands for change of what change.

In the end the woke culture and media have lead you into demand that which they or at least their masters seek. This is why the end-state never is realized for our best interest and betterment.

This is the secret of complex social change. It must be seen as coming from the people. It is the people thoughts, expressions, and efforts that must facilitate. It change is not seek in this manner it will be met with resentment and hostility.

We need to stop this corruption but more importantly we must put an end to this tactic. I know, many on the right will want to duplicate this business model for its ability to generate endless streams of revenue through little to no effort.

We cannot let this happen. This is a tactic being used by a foreign entity as a war strategy in order to break nations from within and colonize them anew in his vision and ownership.

If we apply a strategy rooted with in such interest and intent it will further kill us from within. This is a means of complex social change and do not think for a moment that both side are not seeking radical change.

Heed this warning. There are two paths around a mountain each offering a very different experience around the mountain. What people must come to realize is that which ever path you take the endpoint is the same - the other side.

This piece was inspired by this article

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