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How institutional failure has been engineered

Question, how would or could a communist organization convince the people that being controlled by a master is the better option?

All this hypothetical organization would have to do is position their actors in leadership roles and have those actors influence perspective and drive choices that lead to short-term damage and long-term destruction, All while draining the resources while it occurs.

As markets, institutions, government and society starts to fracture under resource strain along with internal and external pressures. Internally It all start with the investment.

Once a strong and stable investment schedule is establish the investor is than able to not make requests but demand action. Infiltration of the highest offices than commence.

Than is the application of design, We can all agree failure is not that complex of an endeavour. A great example of designed failure being institutionalized is with affirmative action.

Affirmative action, through the weight of influence and force of the institution has eroded merit. It is now at a stage where an expression of merit and a desire for competition is being redefined as discrimination.

Side note: Affirmative action is not limited to the black community. It is being applied to each and all interest group communities.

Now failings present in all industries and markets on nearly all levels. What does it take for empty promises and hollowed out plans of actions to convince the people of prospect and opportunity.

We are now in the time of empty promises and hollowed our plans of action. What direction do you want?

We are importing those who identify and conform to a master. What do you think the consequence within a democracy?

It is only a matter of time before their master becomes yours.

Remember, when your master arrives. You are not a slave, you are a volunteer,

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