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How equitable is victimhood?

Victimhood must be a lucrative business in the service sector for there to be competition and the pursuit to minimize the pains of actual victims in an attempt to heighten your own in the minds and hearts of the audience.

The link below is an article titled: Indigenous women are more likely to face violence if they were a child in care. To those who will read with with an empathetic eye and a sympathetic heart you will fail to realize that this is not unique to indigenous and or women for that matter.

Making matters even worse is the fact that there are cultures, now in Canada, that accept rape and violence against women and children. I would assume the indigenous community is not one of those cultures, so what is unique to them and what about their victimhood supersede other victims of those same environments.

So victims who suffer the same fate, brought on by the same conditions, are now of less important? To claim 'more likely' is to heightened probability. Do you realize how often child care is exploited by the ill intended. So why is your victimhood worth more than the others.

While at university I study a case were children were actually sold to individuals who are from cultures that can be characterized as above. It is good to see that such a topic is coming to the table but to define as an indigenous issue and not a universal matter is a disservice to such issues and will do more damage than good.

My question is why is identifiers even presented within the narrative let alone the title. Based on past occurrences of victimhood bound to an identity it tends to be a means to stoke empathetic reasoning of the audience, manipulating sympathetic sensibilities, and driving behaviour, This in turn pushing the voices of many to apply institutional pressures leading to strain.

Sad when real victims of the most horrific means victimization are reduced to a revenue stream. This is civil society. Interest groups using victimhood to strain and our institutions on all levels. Stressing resources to a point of exhaustion. Merely pulling power and resources into different directions. They think they are weaken the one, unable to comprehend they are weakening the many.

I have to ask why would a group seek out such actions? As such pressures inevitably leads to breakdown. Why would the outsider seek out complex social change? We have a complex reoccurring being exposed on The Why Perspective. Is pluralism pursuant of inclusion or is it a tool of colonial conquest? Based on the materials covered so far it appears to be the latter.

This is Civil Society as a colonial approach. We need to remove this from our society so that victim can be saved and healed, instead of being exploited for equity funding the efforts of ill intentioned. What is wrong with people when they are willing to exclude victims of such a horrifying narrative. A child trapped in a prison of ill intended deviance and are at the mercy to their ever whim as they are the care giver.

I am horrified just having to think about that and I am not a victim. I could not image what is going through their minds of those relating to such trauma. And you want to take that away for funding and by extension take the resources that would be used to offer assistance, Lets stop the new age limitless marketing agency known as civil society and their selfish pursuits.

We need to help those in need and stop allow for 3rd parties from making them continue to bleed for a revenue stream. Love thy neighbor and care for thy fellow man. Our future is depending on it. While so many have their greed pandered to by paying for their ignorance. So many actual victims go unnoticed and unhelp because of self-interested behaviour like this.

Be true to convictions. If you care, care. If you don't, don't. Just make your intentions clear because so many have a poor judge of character. Right now we are watching so many ill intended rebrand and the rebranding be accepted. Only making us run the hamster wheel one more time.

Lets stop making pain and trauma equitable. Civil society is a cancer we need to abort as they claim to stand, speak, and act for the weak and vulnerable so long as they are equitable revenue stream.

Where did our decency go? Lost to uninformed compassion.

This piece was inspired by this article

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