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How do you indirectly tax the people?

Once again., it is as if we are in a war against the advertiser. Words are weapons and how people just accept them at face value when the left has show time and time again to have weaponized language using the double speak to manipulate the public.

To tax the corporation is to tax the consumer of said corporation. Now when this corporation offers a necessary service and everyone uses said service. I guess a tax on the corporate is really an indirect national tax.

Not only are the people being taxed through corporations. The corporations will make it back through services. I would love to see at the end of the year a ratio of tax versus gains generated by new service fees.

Complex corruption by way redirection of fees and rates. To think this is a taxation method that doubles for a revenue stream for the companies involved. No wonder we can get ahead.

The cost of behaviour knowledge being the game of the marketer. If I am not mistaken this was referred in the past as the 'gay' science. Our perceptions, culture, and expression has been engineered in opposition against us. Unfortunately this is done for little more than a profit.

Scary world when a marketer is able to turn us against ourselves with an ad campaign. Pay attention these campaigns are all around us and it is our responsibility to not only identify but share the underlying intention and interest that is thought to sit behind it.

It is than for us a community to negotiate the universal interpretation,

This Piece was inspired by this article

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