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How do you colonize a nation without a shot fired

New age colonialism. You exploit democracy through the voting system.

Applying the levers of social pressure, the interventions drive nations and communities (tribes) into different forms of conflict. The utility of the conflict is the displacement of people.

Once you have displaced persons, relocation is the next step, Now think how does displacement of people become equitable. Civil society, through NGO's and not-for-profits than are funded and are funding the movement of persons internationally.

Refugees is merely a branding for human trafficking, Trafficking of humans not for the underground markets like one would assume. Rather, importing and funding merely for a vote. A vote that is bound to subordinate communal characteristics; they have masters.

A key identity characteristic is that all the displaced identify and conform to a master. They are either Shia Muslims, like Syrians, who are part of a hereditary based religion. African, are lead most often times by dictators. Ukrainians are communist historically but are authoritarians in the here and now.

What do you think will occur when you import masses with such identities? These people are not free nor do they want to be. These are people who conform to a system where their access and obtainment if not lineage based in given not obtained.

These are the self destructive social members who would rather be given then to achieve. These are the same people that will ensure your children and children's children never can achieve upward mobility.

Your kids will never be able to dream of being a doctor, lawyer, athlete, or even the president. They will never dream of it as it will not be possible and the hope that will drive their ambition to reach for the stars will be crushed by a master and the assurance of their power and authority; over you.

Do people not realize that that future is a future of being given and not achieving. I ask you a single question. Do you want to have to ask for dinner tonight or do you want the ability to obtain by you own actions?

For every action, there is a equal or greater reaction. What do you think importing such person in mass will lead to. This is not aid or assistance. This is civil society attempting to colonize the world and transition us into a global system bound to hereditary control with a volunteer labour market. How does that differentiate from Masters and slaves?

Get ready to take a knee as your new master will soon be arriving.

This piece was inspired by this video

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