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Has the Ummah fractured into factions?

Under the Ummah, unified Islamic community, normalization would be the extermination of conquest of the Jews.

If geopolitical relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia are becoming friendlier that would mean the Ummah is over and the Islamic expansion project pursuant of hereditary control of the cultural and industrial sectors is coming to an end.

This illustrates a major transition from a new age colonial pursuit to a cooperative drive. This could mean the first steps to peace but also speaks to new conflict between the Sunni, Shia divide.

Tomorrow will tell. People need to understand the organization behind interest groups pressuring institutions and industries was funded and guided by Shia Islam through an endless network of NGO's and not for profits.

Adding to this process of complex social change was the replacement of Jew banking (Usury) with Islamic banking (non-usury). It was rooted in community based lending with community members being held as the asset against the loans.

Shia Islam has been funding interest groups for almost 5 decades now seeking out change that set the stage for enrollment and transition. Ironically the other stakeholders involved in the establishment of this community lending was the Clintons and Soros.

This interest group based woke culture pressure was to set in motion the change necessary for a new age colonial push and this relationship between Saudi Arabia and Israel is signalling this Islamic pursuit is slowing or is now over.

Let peace take control of the world. Let balance drive economics and society. To all the leaders out there, the one thing that the Shia leader who has funded most of this colonial effort understood was the value of people. Most important was the fact that he knew that when you work for your people, they in turn will work for you.

Lets make that the political, social, and economic philosophy of tomorrow.

This peice was inspired by this article

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