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Guilty By Association

These protesters are showing their true colours and for that reason we as Canadians should open our eyes and realize what is but right in-front of us. These people represent our enemy and government bodies are giving permit, news media is covering them as moral characters defending their rights.

I ask all Canadians to step back and ask themselves what rights are given to a Jew in Palestine. More important, is the question of who cast the first stone.

We as a nation separated from Palestine as national and cultural enemies. It is our nations leaders who seek companionship with terrorist groups and organizations. Which leads me to ask - is that not treason?

Our leaders are being funded by a Shia Islamic leader. This leader has taken control of our nation resources and institutions. Through his ability to penitently institutionalize his sociopolitical philosophy know as pluralism.

We as a nation on all levels have been deeply infiltrated by the enemy and it is our responsibility to clean the swamp.

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