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Grievance with indigenous community

You like all other communities have a rich and wonderful history, heritage, and culture. You as a community, like all other communities should hold it dear. You should be willing to protect it in the face of challenge and you should be willing to compete for its dominance. This is a basic principle and so many have lost sight of its importance.

Which bring me to my grievance. This grievance is held against the indigenous community but goes beyond them to include all interest group communities. Your history, heritage and culture are used to stimulate an action protentional within your community.

Colour perceptions allowing for your culture to be framed, stimulating an action potential, motivating behavioural expressions, is where value is created. This sense of value than position your community as a community for sale to what is known as civil society, pursuant of complex social change.

Meaning you at the hands of your community leaders have been sold into servitude. Now as we are watching plans and age the plans or agendas fail, meaning you the commodity failed to meet your value. These same community leaders then exploit you in a different manner. Instead of you perceptions and behaviour being the point of value, it is the narrative regarding your concerns and efforts that are than turn into equity.

Why is it that history, heritage, and culture are defended by the many, at the request of the few, who draw profits and ownership for self. With this reality regarding activism, I have to ask are you as the community member reaping the benefits found through your concerns and efforts. Are you experience the benefits obtained through the sales of your history, heritage and culture that you stand for and by.

First, your community leaders sold your as a community of action potential, to civil society in return for non-repayment loans. These loans are not seeking financial recovery or gain (usury). They are investments in the manipulation of you as a community that is capable of driving your communities behaviours. This investment in an action potential leading to a behavioural expression is intended to act as a levers pressuring institution and policies leading to complex social change. This complex social change facilitating colonial opportunities. Ironically using those with historical hardship of colonial conquest are the same communities push for foreign colonial interest.

The decolonization process is actually a colonization process by another. This really lends itself to conceptualizing our shared histories. You were not enslaved by us by rather you own community leaders, just as you have been today.

Now that the agenda is failing. Which I would like to add, how did anyone think the assembly of the weakest members of a given society could win a quiet war? That baffles my mind. We literally have watched for the last decade civil societies militias such as Antifa, BLM, LGBT, Feminist, and Islam, go to war with no opposition and still lose. One of the best comedies never written I tell you.. Enough about the humorous side of nonsense and exploitation.

Now that the agendas are failing and colonization by another master is failing. You community leaders instead of selling your efforts, now they are selling you concerns. This is what cheapens your history, heritage, and culture and you must realize you is at fault. Not the outsider, whoever the boogey man of tomorrow maybe. It is your community leaders. You are a community is their commodity and it is this that must be stopped.

We as the outside cannot stop it as we play into the narrative creative by your community leaders to drive your behaviour and actions. This is a task and responsibility that only you as members of your community can resolve. I plead that you heed the warning.

This resolution is not only for you and yours. It is for us all. You have allowed your your greed pandered to by have you ignorance paid for. It is time to awaken from your slumber and remove that cancers that are the disease of your communities. Start benefiting as the many instead of as the few. Is this not what your message has been from the beginning.

Lets understand what it truly means to seek out the whole and use this as the common goal than bands us together under a single banner. This does not mean to relinquish self but to share and enjoy history, heritage and culture, the self within and beyond it own concepts and boarders.

Lets make tomorrow ours and not those who see us as and exploit us as a value oriented commodity pursuant of personal gain.

This piece was inspired by this article.

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