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Government Muppets are now the scapegoats

I told people over 2 years ago that the courts was the way to address this problem. The courts is where truth comes out, not media.

No one did nothing and now the narrative is collapsing in an engineered fashion. Meaning these lawsuits are not by or for the people. It is those at the top of the totem pole now using the courts in order to turn governments into the scapegoats.

Government officials are cheap Muppets. Told to stand on the 'X' and state the words and only the words on a teleprompter written by a 3rd party.

Don't misinterpret what I am saying here. I believe all involved are accountable and should be tried for their involvement on season 2 of the Nuremberg trials. I am not condoning the actions of governments around the world they sold us into a healthcare research study.

We need to go after the real enemy of this mandate issue. Researchers, scientist, healthcare professional from admin to doctors, educators, and media. The list is long but we need to realize who is involved and not allow them to use the courts as a advertising campaign to fooling us into defining the accountable.

We as the people are losing because we allow them to frame our perceptions, guide our responses, and stimulate our expressions. A perfect example of this is the fact that we cheer on these influencers without ever asking how they are not confronted with censorship outside of the claims of it.

These are not your hero's they are you enemies. Wolves in sheep's clothing, only allowed to talk because they are their framing your perspectives. I challenge these frauds all the time with valid criticism and all I get back is ignorance married to ignorance attempting to redefine defining characteristics.

Wake up people you're all be played by those you trust the most. What the general public needs to understand is that complex social change is only sustainable when the people see it as stemming from them and by them. Any change that fails to meet this criteria is met with resentment by the people.

Your faux-hero's are convincing you that the elites desired changes are by and for you and your buying into it at every point. I leave you with the most important notion that people must move forward with - if you do not understand events in their root principle your ability to anticipate outcomes is seriously hindered.

The general population needs to stop accepting what a 3rd party claims is the root principle and start revealing to and for self.

This piece was inspired by this article

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