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Getting the many lost in details so they don't ask the right questions

So this video focuses on the effects of the Hawaiian fire. The care is located on a lawn that burnt and had incredible effect on the car and the materials the car is was made up of.

Almost a 12 minute video and they spend 30 seconds on the fact that a neighborhood on the other side of a lawn didn't burn down. So a car practically melted and no one is asking how the hire and heat did not destroy the community.

A propagandist focusing on a single point of extreme expression instead of casting attention onto the impossible. This is how you get the many lost in details and prevent them from being able to ask a pertinent question that may render actual answer beyond a description.

Digital media is worse than mainstream media as these are cheap sells of whatever they are paid to say. Wake up people. Most of your hero's are the enemy. Wolves in sheep clothing is the old adage.

This peice was inspired by this video

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