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Fractured into Factions - Conservatives have lost a shared identity

I am a person who votes for policies as either side of the aisle will drive towards the centralization of resources leading to an absolute power and authority.

I stand against any structure of absolute power by standing in opposition to any form of hereditary control. Such a structure has always regressed into chaos and self destructions. This is due to the fact that the people are seen as a tool versus the means of production in the open and free system rooted in unbiased and uncorrupted competition.

Self preservation is the most basic of the natural laws. So much that it is instinctual in the wild. It appears to be a fading trait in humans. We are social beings and a balance exists and must be maintained between the self and the social. There is an unwritten understanding that with success and obtainment comes a responsibility.

The self has personal pursuits and interest but they must have some relation to that of the communities. However abstract that comparative maybe. This is a basic principle uniting people as one. Once unification is achieve consolidation can than take place.

The consolidation process is one that seeks to locate and isolate community leads. The capacity of leadership varies based on role and responsibility. With members in positions of future potential, it is than possible to influence decision making, setting the groundwork for desired outcomes.

When you see a political party fractured into so many faction it reveals that its community members no longer share mutual goals, lacking a banner to bind it members. Therefore, the members the community (party) can no longer maintain a coherent and synergistic identity, Preventing any action potential in its public.

We as the conservative community. Those stand for tradition, values and are willing to compete for cultural dominance are left at a lose. Where do we turn? Who speaks for us? Where is our hope motivating concepts of tomorrow?

When I was in grade 5 my teacher was discussing multiculturalism and explained that governments represent the voices of the domestic population. So in order to give a voice to the minorities they created the interest group. So that a 3rd party organization can speak for the voiceless and motivate their actions. Now these organizations are not only pay for politicians but most leaders have been groomed their whole life's preparing them to render desired outcomes. Outcomes not for the people but for the beneficiaries. Candian parties such as NDP, Green, and liberals all share the Aga Khan as their benefactor. The Harper Conservatives are also companions to the Aga Khan and his pursuits..

With so many prospective leaders acting on behave of their master pursuits, So many Canadian politicians are seek to establish a hereditary authority of the religious and secular authority. My question is who now speaks for the domestic population? In conflict is globalism versus nationalism. Who do you think is the enemy of the globalist? We the domestic population. Now pair that with the fact that we are in a culture competition. As the competition is intended to position outsiders cultures in position of dominance and supremacy over any given domestic

So which of these conservatives candidates represent a national identity. Who is each of their benefactors? This will reveal the information necessary for us to isolate the infiltrators who have established factions through their creation of fractures with our community.

This is our responsibility as consumers. Lets work together to expose the interest and intentions of each, Allowing for the frauds to come to the surface.

This piece was inspired by this article

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