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Foreign interference, what about the Persian 4th Reich

The claim is that China and Russia are the parties responsible for foreign interference.

Ironically, Canada, Russia, and China are controlled by the same master, the Persian 4th Reich and at the helm is the Aga Khan and his kids.

Lets just take a moments to consider. The Persian 4th Reich has taken control of Canada natural resources and institutions through managerial cooperation.

The Persian 4th Reich owns:

1. Canada natural resources and forestry.

- Is oil not a natural resource.

- is our forest being burnt for foreign enclave development

2. They control our education

- from kindergarten through to post secondary studies.

- He bought the liberal arts department at U of T department about 15 years


- Wonder who Jordan Peterson really works for

3. He owns medical and medical research through funding. - hence why University campuses now have medical research campus

4. He owns our food supply and securities through supply management

- wonder why we are going hungry and the costs are soring

5. The daughter is the director of Universal basic income

6. They control the interest groups that make up woke culture through non- repayment loans

7. He owns Trudeau via his father and their longstanding relationship

- He is basically his adopted father

8. He owns the conservative party through Harper

- Why is a Shia (hereditary based) Islamic leader the only one to speak in our parliment

So I ask what is left in this nation known as Canada and to think it was our leaders who sold us to Islamic expansion and colonization.

Just think about it, while the domestics are being labelled as terrorist Muslims are taking on the branding of victims.

Here is a rhetorical question. How do you redefine a hero and a villain? The hero never kills, they restrain the villain and wait for justice to be served. If you take the imagery of the hero standing above the downed villain and remove the context it is easy to identify the villain as a victim; oppressed by the hero.

Next is the hero, as stated above when labelled as an oppressor the hero than can he branded as a villain. The bad guy prevent the villain from realize his/her full potential. Once again the key is the removal of context.

This is what is happen because we have been conquered by a hereditary based Islamic leader.

The Persian 4th Reich is running a bait and switch on us because they understand that for complex social change to be sustainable. It must be seen as coming from and by the people. If it is seen as stemming form a outsider or 3rd party, change will be met with hostility and aggression.

We are destroying ourselves from within by demand for the changes our enemy seek and we are funding our colonization through the empathetic economy.

The Persian 4th Reich (Aga Khan) has received awards by the United Nations for his endless network of NGO's and not-for-profits. We are funding these groups and they are funding the woke culture interest groups that are his mercenaries of complex social change.

This peice was inspired by this video

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