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For those who think I am an angry white guy

Who new revealing to people what the world is around them in principal form, would be met with assumptions of internal states and characterizations.

You do understand that we are here to reveal what is broken and negotiate the means to address and resolve it.

If you're looking for a positive tone let me know and I would be happy to broadcast a show with you in it.

For those who think I am an angry white guy, until the world fulfils the lyrics of the song eat bricks.

Truth is freedom and freedom is truth. I stand for it and represent it at all costs. Society, challenge and change isn't for the faint of heart, weak willed or minded.

If you want to take responsibility for your insights, join me. Lets explore, learn, and negotiate our reality together. The world is beautiful but I want to make it gorgeous. All I ask is that you do it will me.

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