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Follow The Money

Might this speak to who is funding the indigenous social disruption?

If so does the indigenous realize that they are funded by the enemy making them the enemy?

So once again your history and culture has been reduced to a commodity for sale to the highest bidder. To quote our enemy: "western greed and ignorance is our greatest weapon". He appears to be correct and your community has it on full display,

Maybe you should adopt a culture of respect. As you as a community seem to have little respect, not only for others but also yourselves.

Sad reality when you turn you identity into a point of purchase. This is why you as a community are being exploited not by the colonial conquerors but by your own Chieftains.

Wake up and stand with us the Patriots for freedom and upward mobility for future generations. We are not your enemy, your enemy is members of your community that not only see you as members as items for sale but to make matters worse they didn't even place a high price on the sticker price.

Once again, stand with us or lose everything. If the new master is to conquer Canada and colonize it under a different flag, we will all be in the same ditch eating from the same trough.

It is a shame that so many have had their greed pandered to by having their ignorance paid for - well done.

It is this that is going to cost us everything. You are all marching to slaughter with a smile and saying thank you.

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