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Fires are an expansion of the Northern Immigration Pilot

We are told that these fires are an expression of environmental crisis but are they really?

I have been saying since the Fort McMurray fires, this is cheap clearing for foreign enclave development. Fort McMurray become the largest Islamic enclave in the America's. What makes people think this will be any different.

I ask you, in a democratic nation, with a stagnate domestic population growth population growth, what do you think will be the long-term consequences of filling out nation with immigrants.

Is anyone asking what type of immigrants they are? If you import millions from nations bound to hereditary control or authoritarianism, how long do you think it will take for their master becomes yours.

Taking into account they these immigrants are fertile with high breeding patterns, where do you think the domestic population will be in lets say 3 generations?

When did immigration stop being seen as a war tactic? I ask because it is being used as a tool to exploit our electoral process or at least present it as be broken and in need of change.

We are screaming freedom while cheering on our colonization.

This article was inspired by the government application document for foreigners

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