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Find a place you can call home

People like Jully Black should be remove from our nation.

This is an outward expression of hate and hostility, along with the pursuit to create fracture leading to factions amongst us. She and those like her are the enemy.

Who is she is speak for a group that she is not part of nor does she represent. Ill intentions and interest and she and here handlers see the indigenous community as stones to step on in order to fulfill an agenda.

Lets not play into her race game. This is nothing more than woke culture and if you follow my content you know that we know who is at the helm of this mercenary group - The Aga Khan and his Global Centre for Pluralism.

Find out more about him and this institution on The Why Perspective.

So, Jully Black has validated that she is a mercenary member of the Persian 4th Reich. There agenda is seeking complex social change through institutional action and woke culture or interest group communities are the tools to achieve their desired end-state.

Here is the strategy:

  1. Pressure institution and industry to a point of strain

  2. Present strain leads to resource exhaustion

  3. Present exhaustion as failing to the general public

  4. General public response with demands for change

  5. Complex social change is achieved

It is understood that social change of any type must be seen as a result of the decision and actions of the public. If such an perspective framing is failed to be achieved and change will be met with resentment and hostility by the public.

Through action Jully Black has proven to be a mercenary member of the Persian 4th Reich as an actor for the Trojan Horse institution, The Global Centre for Pluralism and is attempting to fracture us into factions. Weakening us as a whole for a colonial attempt by the Reich.

The funny thing about this enrollment is for nothing more than a paycheck. So if she is will to break us as a people and in turn offer our land to a hostile foreign entity, she should be exiled from our land as an enemy.

Do not misunderstand what I am say here. I am not suggestion this wish harm of Jully Black but Jully Black and those like her need to be given an opportunity to find a place that she and those like her can call home.

If we help cheap sellouts satiate their contrived needs they in turn wont be tempted to disrupt, pressure, and destroy that which we create, in name and action of the foreign entity willing to buy her a nice new home and access to private jets and yachts'.

Let help our enemy find a home they feel confident in call their home. They are proving our nation is not that sort of place.

I wish them all good luck and good fortune in their new homeland; where ever that may be.

This piece was inspired by this article

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